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Experience the quality and satisfaction of using VeinEx. A Fairfield county-based mobile blood draw service unlike any. Our primary focus is to make the lab process convenient and easier for you, the patient. We offer safe and convenient blood draws in the comfort of your own home or workplace. We deliver exceptional service by putting the quality of our work above all else. Daniela, our phlebotomist, is reliable, friendly, and highly skilled, with 12 years of experience. Some of our values include professionalism, safety, and hard work. We pride ourselves on our determination and drive to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction. Our mission is to leave our clients with peace of mind and control of their health. Who do we serve: -Specialty Kits like Vibrant America and Genova -Busy families and individuals -Homebound patients -Geriatric patients - Difficult draws -Comforting Pediatric Draws -Special Needs and disabled patients -Nursing Homes and Assisted Facilities Starting at 105$ per blood draw/person A 25$ cancellation fee will be due to same hour cancellations.

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